OK2SWD radio stations (and used for OK2-9329 as RX)  

There weren`t any commercial stations in the beginning of my radio amateur activity. I home made my first  TX 10 watts in 1972. It had 2 tubes 6L41(oscilator) and 4654(PA). I worked with it in the class C on 80 m band. For listening I used the military receiver R3. After some time also I home made the  100W  tubes TCVR  named MINI  Z  (with  help of my friend OK2WHG by retunning). It was a construction of known radioamateur Zdenek Novak OK2ABU. Transceiver worked very well on  80, 40, 30, 20 and 15 m band  with PA GU 29. (See lower pictures).


I was satisfied with this transceiver and managed many nice QSO with amateurs of the whole world.

After 1990 year I managed the czech commercial transceiver OTAVA77 (about 70 W, and 30 W for RTTY). There is a transistor equipment with two tubes QQE 03/12 parallel as PA. It works  very well, too. I`m using it in all contests and common trafic with separate PSV meter. (See lower pictures).


My antenna system is simple: GP 6.8 m high with 4 radials for 20, 15, 10 m bands, and LW 40 m long for 80 and 40 m band (but LW works well with a simple transmatch on all bands 80 to 10 m with PSV 1.0 to 1.1). 

For digi trafic I use personal computer (PC) PentiumII-333MHz 96 MB RAM with sound card SB16 on OS Windows 98. (Now it is in my portable QTH). I have also older  PC486DX2-80 MHz  24 MB RAM on Windows 98  with  2.4 GB HD and sound card Yamaha OPL3. From year 2005 I have PC PentiumIV-2.0 GHz 256MB RAM 80GB HD on Windows XP Pro., that all works very well, too.

I worked also by my friends with other equipment: VHF 144MHz TCVR Snezka 2  10 W, HF  TCVR LABE 100 W for all bands incl. WARC, HF TCVR VOLNA 30 W all HF bands, HF  TCVR ICOM 745 100 W, HF  TCVR  KENWOOD TS-430 100 W.

After 2007 year till now I also work with my own new TCVR YAESU FT897d into GP and LW 40 m antennas. I work on 80m - 10m (including WARC), and 145 and 430 MHz bands. I have a home made transmatch (Z-match) for connecting TCVR to the antenna system. All it is very good equipment and I`m very satisfied with it.


                                It is my home shack (from 2007 year).


                                          Other picture of my home shack



                              The picture of my SWL shack on my portable QTH