1961 -2002 as op. OK2KVI
Clas C, B, A  in the S.F.B.Morse club station 

  Exhibit QSOs in  childrens  camp  - Bezkydy 1988

Own licence since 1972

1972 till now as OK2SWD

my Home QTH                  In Spain 1995              my portable QTH


I visited and made QSOs as radioamateur  in  european countries: DL, EA, F, HB, HB0,  I, LX, LZ, OE,  OM, ON, PA, S5, SP, 9A portable  and 4U1ITU (IARC) in Geneva. It was  very interesting for me.

1978  4U1ITU - Geneva Switzerlad
In IARC Station  4U1ITU 7.8.1978 with kindly help of  Gerard HB9AW and Ted F8RU

the buildings of ITU OM Gerard in 4U1ITU   

1994  F/OK2SWD/P Chamonix - France
on  l`Auguille du Midi (3842 m  JN35KT) under Mont Blanc (4809 m) 
QSO  with  F8LF 27.8.1994/1450 UTC  at 145 MHz.  QRB=177 km

below Mont Blanc Panorama Mont Blanc   

1997  9A/OK2SWD/P Vodice - Croatia
CQ WW WPX CW Contest  in Hotel  Garny  Vodice (near Zadar)
( about 200 QSOs all band ...JA, K, TU, VE,  3B8, 3V, 5B4, 7Z etc.)

Hotel Garny Vodice Port Vodice   

 In this time I`m interesting in contesting, traffic, digital modes: RTTY, BPSK 31,63,125, OLIVIA, SSTV, CW and SSB  on my QTH. My equipment  see  My Station